Vote The Clowns Out
Showcase of Clowns

With all aplogies to actual clowns, 
       we present the political clown of the day


Barack, its Bush's fault, Obama. Possibly the worst U.S. President ever. This guy was groomed to be President from his teenage years on and the voters fell into the trap. The lunacy will soon end. THE CLOWN and the DUFUS Biden should be gone in 2016.

Nancy Pelosi, a wart on the ass of society. The Bride of Chuckie.
Her term expires in 2016
 Vote the clown out.

     Thank God and greyhound he will be gone in 2016
Harry Reid. Even Nancy can't stand him. His term expires in 2016.         Vote the clown out
A weekend twofer, Barney Frank and Charlie Rangel the Frick and Frack of Congress.
Rangel's term expires in 2016                                                     Vote the clown out
   Deceased. Never got to enjoy his retirement.
John Murtha, one of our favorites. He served in the marines so thank him for his service and wish him a happy retirement. His term expired                       

Oylmpia Snowe. This senator voted for the health insurance bill. It all about the money. Senator don't do us any favors. Her fourth term expires in 2018      Vote the clown out  
   Gone baby Gone
Henry Waxman. This guy has been around way too long and done a lot of damage.
The king of cap and tax and prince of Obamalosi care His term expires in 2014. Vote the clown out
Chuckie, "I'll get even with them", Schumer. Squatted in the house and now in the Senate.
His term expires in 2016.                                                   Vote the clown out

Friday's child is a real putz. Pat Bauer, Indiana State House Rep. This guy could screw up jello.
He defines political clowns.  His term expires in 2016                    Vote the clown out
The Bobsy twins. Lindsey Graham never saw a tv camera he didn't like. In favor of cap and tax.
John McCain, thank you for your service. Graham's term expires in 2020,McCain in 2016.Vote the clowns out
Arlen Specter. This one is almost too easy. Democrat, Republican, Democrat or professional putz take your pick. His term expired in 2010.                                      Voted the clown out
Chris Dodd, master of financial disaster. He got special mortgage rates but didn't know. Forget the other crap, if he is that stupid he needs to go. His term expires in 2010. Vote the clown out.

Shelia Jackson Lee, buffoon extraordinaire. Remember the town hall meeting. Too busy to listen to a speaker cause she was on the cell phone. Her term expires in 2016.      Vote the clown out
GONE BABY GONE the voters have spoken
Jon Corzine played in the Senate before trying to collapse New Jersey. When you think down ain't far, he proves that down is farther than we thought. His term is expired.     Voted the clown out

John Conyers, why we love the circus. Too bad the circus he performs in is the Congress.
Clown of the day. His term expires in 2016. Time to go.                        Vote the clown out.
   Boxer has bailed, good riddance
The weekend divas. Attendants from Queen Nancy's court. Barbra Boxer's term expires in 2016.
Dianne Feinstein's term expires in 2018.                                        Vote the clowns out.
  GONE but not forgotten, oh wait he's baaack.
A native of the planet Pluto, Alan Grayson is just a plain old yo yo. His term expires in 2016.
                                                                                     Voted the clown out.
   GONE but not forgotten
Carl Levin. The photo says it all. Six terms is way too long. This guy is not part of the solution, he is part of the problem. His term runs until 2014. Make a note....            Vote the clown out.
  GONE but not forgotten
Michael Bloomberg, the pied piper of New York City, has managed to lead 1.5 million people out of the city. Now he wants a third term. To do what ? His term is done.       Vote the clown out.
  Gone and forgotten
Kay Bailey Hutchison wants be a senator and run for Texas governor at the same time. Pack up your crap and go home. Your time is up.                                               Vote the clown out.
Maxine Waters. Here is a real lulubell for you. Under investigation by the ethics committee, ready to take over your life. How do we keep getting these same yutz over and over. Vote the clown out.
            Gone baby Gone
Little Dickie Durbin and Anthony Weiner, your weekend double. Weiner's term expired. Durbin's expires in 2018. These two are candidates for the clown hall of fame.    Vote the clowns out.
Dan Burton, best if used by 1992. This guy is way past his expiration date with 14 terms in Congress. He'd rather play golf anyway so.....                             Vote the clown out.
   Gone baby Gone
Joe Sestak. I'am not liberal call me progressive. That's what we need. Genghis Khan was progressive. He is trying to get out of the house and run for the senate.  Vote the clown out.

Pat Leahy,you know the type, he keeps your ball if goes in his yard. We don't need these career politicians inflicting a death by thousand cuts every day. His term is up in 2016. Vote the clown out.
Bill Ritter. Here is your chance Colorado. Show everyone that you are as good as New Jersey.
Save your state from ruin. His term is up in 2010.                                Vote the clown out.
  Gone baby Gone
Christine Gregoire.Washington governor. Stole the 2004 election with phony votes and parked herself in office. Renamed Christmas trees as holiday trees. That's a novel idea.     Vote the clown out.
Bobby Rush and James Clyburn. Who's on first and What's on second. These guys could ruin boiling water. Their terms expire in 2016.                                             Vote the clowns out.
  Gone baby Gone
Joseph Cao shown here trying to decide "paper or plastic", is a red skunk Republican and the only Republican in Congress to vote for Obamalosi care. His term expires in 2010. Voted the clown out.

Jerry Nadler. Here is a real putz. Occupies two seats at once in Congress. His term expires in 2016                                                                                 Vote the clown out.
Progressive Lynn Woolsey. Sounds so nice doesn't it. How could being a forward thinker be a bad thing. If we had more like this we be done for sure. Her term expires in 2010. Vote the clown out
  Moved on to other damaging position
Patrick Murphy, good soldier lousy politician. Thanks for your service. No thanks for your politics.
Blue diaper. His term in expired.                                Vote the clown out.
  Gone baby Gone
Dina Titus, tax and spender. Believes the government can never do enough for its subjects
Her term expired in 2010.                                                            Voted the clown out.
    Gone baby Gone, a twofer
Its governors weekend at Charlie Crist and Bill Richardson two politicians that need to pack it in. Your time is up.                                                 Vote the clowns out
  Gone baby Gone
On the governors list is clown of the day Jennifer Granholm. She's put Michigan out of business.
You get what you vote for.                                                      Vote the clown out.

Kathy Castor just one more politician that says the government should give you everything including abortion.  Her term expires in 2016.                                   Vote the clown out.

Claire McCaskill thinks you make too much and your health care is lousy. She has a plan to fix all that. Her term expires in 2018.                                                   Vote the clown out.
  GONE but not forgotten
Rob Andrew another New Jersey devil is one of the planners of the new health care bill. Must something in the water in jersey. His term expires in 2012.                    Vote the clown out
  Gone baby Gone retiring
Ben Nelson, he must have known he was going to win. He dressed for the award. This putz is a flip flopper extraordinaire. He will take over your healthcare.                Vote the CLOWN out.
   Gone baby Gone       Gone baby Gone
Blanche Lincoln and Mary Landrieu. One sold her vote and one has no spine. Under cover of darkness these two twits will vote to destroy your health care.                 Vote the clowns out.
  Gone but not forgotten, trying a comeback
Carol Shea-Porter. The hyphen doesn't make her any smarter. She has overstayed her welcome.
Her term expires in 2012                                                       Vote the clown out.
  GONE but left a stink behind
Tom Harkin. Called by some the "king of dung" this is of one the key players in the takeover of our healthcare system. Send the king back to the pile.                        Vote the clown out.

Peter Defazio. This guy has more ideas for more taxes than carter has little liver pills. If he were in charge it would be a tax a day. Oh wait he is in charge.             Vote the clown out.
Special notice on this clown, running for President 2016. Don't vote this clown in.
Bernie Sanders. You are gonna get a public option whether you like it or not. This loon is way over the top. His term expires in 2018.                                              Vote the clown out.
  Gone baby Gone
Baron Hill. This guy is a front man for the SEIU the radical union created by the the radical SDS jerks from the 60's. No way Jose. His term expired in 2010.            Voted the clown out.

Ed Perlmutter. He has a tax for you. That's all these rummies know how to do. Tax and spend or spend then tax. His term expires in 2016.                                       Vote the clown out.
Evan Bayh, professional politician from Indiana. Plays both ends against the middle to keep his job. Could have been VP if Biden wasn't such a dunce. His term is up in 2010. Vote the clown out.
  Gone baby Gone
Russ Feingold, cheese head and another pusher of the public option. Not willing to put himself and his family on the plan though. His term expired in 2010                    Voted the clown out.
   Gone but not forgotten
Max Baucus. The committee chairman on the Senate health care bill. Surprised he even had the time, having to look after a mistress and all.                                      Vote the clown out.
   Gone baby Gone
Could be just about any of them but we are sure its David Obey, another cheese head professional politician. Its time to go in 2010.                                                Voted the clown out.

House Minority Leader  Lawrence F. Cafero , standing, far  right, speaks while colleagues Barbra Lambert and Jack Hennessy play solitaire as the Connecticut house prepares to vote on a new budget. Law makers hard at work on taxpayer dime.
                                                                                                                                                                                    Vote the clowns out. 

Ed Markey of Waxman/Markey fame has become a ring master in the three ring circus of global warming. He wants every day to be sunny cool and dry. Don't we all.        Vote the clown out.
  GONE, thank you
Kent Conrad of North Dakota says "doing nothing is not an option" Do something, vote the clown out
  Gone and forgotten
Maurice Hinchey, a wack job if there ever was one. How do these people get elected to public office? His term expires in 2012.                                              Vote the clown out.
  Indicted and still at it
Bobby Menendez, NJ. Come on New Jersey keep up the good work. You got rid of Corzine, keep going and Vote the clown out.
  Gone baby Gone
Diane Watson, CA. This is the year voters, 2010. Time to clean house...pun intended. It's a rare  opportunity to reshape the congress. If you don't shame on you.                Voted the clown out.
Byron Dorgan, ND. He jumped ship before the voters could get to him. Good riddance.

Richard Shelby, AL. Once a democrat now a republican. Really just a stinkin politician. Time to go.
                                                                                        Vote the clown out
  Gone baby Gone
Alan Mollohan,WV. The "overnight millionaire" and one of the 15 most corrupt members of congress. His term expired in 2010.                                                 Voted the clown out.

Vern Buchanan, FL. another putz on the 15 most corrupt list. These people just don't get it.
His term expires in 2016.                                                          Vote the clown out.

Ken Calvert, CA. Since we are on the 15 most corrupt, here is another one. Shady land deals and ear marks for personal gain don't cut it. His term expires in 2016.             Vote the clown out.
  GONE, thank you
Don Young, AK. The corrupt 15 must be some kind of club. Here is another one. Send these guys packing.                                                                              Vote the clown out.
Jerry Lewis, CA. Not funny. Another earmark bandit diverting tax dollars for personal gain.
His term expires in 2012.                                                      Vote the clown out.

Michael Bennett, CO. Colorado got rid of its governor so throw the bathwater out with the baby and dump this guy in 2016.                                                          Vote the clown out.

Thad Cochran, MS. Been around too long already. Time to retire. Vote the clown out.

Richard Blumenthal, CT. Running out of places to hide. Time to go. Vote the clown out

Brian Schatz, HI. A haole, Obama minion. Send this guy back to the mainland. Vote the clown out.

Patty Murray, WA. A dingleberry for sure, Time to go home. Vote the clown out.

Ron Wyden, OR. No friend of ranchers but friend of Hillary. Vote this clown out..please.

Kate Brown, OR. Governor. This one is a piece of work. Too much crap to list. A career politician. Responsible for the death of Robert Levoy Finicum. My he haunt her forever. Vote this clown out.


Neil Kornze BLM Czar. You can't vote this Harry Reid bureaucrat out, but you can fire him and vote out the clowns that hired him.

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